Woolmer Pest Control offer a professional and effective wasp control treatments and wasp nest removals in and around the Hertfordshire area. With over 40 years of experience treating and removing wasps from homes and businesses, so you can trust in Woolmer Pest Control to solve your wasp problem quickly and effectively.

Wasps - Wasp Nest Removal Hertfordshire

Why you may want a professional like Woolmer Pest Control to deal with your wasps/wasp nest?

  • Wasps are one of the most feared and aggressive pests around due to there attacking people - usually unprovoked. 

  • For some people being stung by a wasp can be very dangerous as they can react violently, with several people dying from wasp stings every year.

  • If left untreated a wasp nest grow and grow, creating thousands of wasps - many of which will make their way into homes at the end of the summer period. 

A large wasp nest  treated and destroyed last summer.

How Woolmer Pest Control deal with Wasps

When using a professional like Conor and Malachy of Woolmer Pest Control, you’re going to get your wasp nest treated and destroyed quickly and safely. We have access to a wide range of professional products which aren't available to the public, and the best equipment and PPE to ensure the destruction of the wasps nest is done safely. We also have the technical skill, knowledge and years of experience in treating wasps nests, to solve your issue effectively and efficiently.


Woolmer Pest Control use a mixture of wasp control techniques such as the use of chemicals to solve your wasp nest quickly. Our treatments start from £55 and all wasp nest treatments are guaranteed. 

A wasp nest found and removed in a garden shed in Stevenage.

Having issues with Wasps?

Call us on 07773453380 or 01707 594077, or email us at woolmerpestcontrolltd@gmail.com to see how we can help you get rid of your wasp nest.