Other Insect Pests - Beetles, Mites, Flies, Spiders etc...

Woolmer Pest Control offer a professional and effective control for a variety of other insect pests such as Beetles, Mites, Flies, Spiders, Silverfish, Booklice etc... all which can be a nuisance to live and work with. 

Other Insect Pests you may get in your home or business

  • Beetles - Carpet, Fur, Biscuit, Stored Product etc...

  • Mites

  • Booklice & Silverfish

  • Flies - House, Cluster, Drain etc...

  • Spiders

  • And many more...

How Woolmer Pest Control deal with these other insect pests?

The treatment of any insect pest will be dependent on the species causing issues and the environment in which they have invaded. Before anything is done, a professional and experienced pest control company like Woolmer Pest Control will talk you through the issue, locate the source of the problem and develop and appropriate treatment plan. In a lot of cases the treatment may include the use of a variety of professional insecticidal products and application methods.    

Don't know what insect pest you have?

Not sure what insect pest you have, then don’t worry – just contact us and we will arrange a site survey examine the situation and identify the pest. At Woolmer pest control we can provide pest support either be able to ID the pest there and then, or use monitoring devices and specialist cameras to determine what your issue is before treating it.

With over 40 years of pest control experience our friendly father & son team (Malachy and Conor) can help identify and solve your unknown insect problem.


Having issues with a pest?

Call us on 07773453380 or 01707 594077, or email us at woolmerpestcontrolltd@gmail.com to arrange a site survey to see how we can help you get rid of any insect pests.