Woolmer Pest Control provide professional and effective control and proofing programmes for a variety of other pests such as Moles, Rabbits and Glis Glis, all which cause damage to homes and businesses across Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.

Other Pests - Moles, Rabbits and Glis Glis

Why you may want to control other pests such as Moles, Rabbits and Glis Glis on you property?

  • Other pests such as Moles and Rabbits happen to find themselves in your garden, golf course or stables, they can be annoying, messy and a danger.

  • Pests like Moles and Rabbits create a complex tunnelling system underground which can make the ground unstable and unsafe for people and pets. But also look a mess and make a green space unusable.

  • Pests such as Glis Glis can cause property damage and be unbearable to live with due to the noise they create if living in your property.   

Some pesky moles caught in a garden in Hatfield  which were making the ground unsafe at a stables. 

How Woolmer Pest Control deal with Moles, Rabbits and Glis Glis

Dealing with these type of pests is very specialist work and you should consider employing a professional and experience pest control company like Woolmer Pest Control. We use a mixture of techniques such as the use of traps, and proofing to solve these issues. Upon a site survey we will talk you through the options we can offer and explain how we can solve your problem.  

Having issues with these pests?

Call us on 07773453380 or 01707 594077, or email us at woolmerpestcontrolltd@gmail.com to arrange a site survey to see how we can help you get rid of these pests.