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Mice pest control services

Mice - Mouse Control Hertfordshire

Woolmer Pest Control offers a professional and effective mouse control treatment and eradication service in and around the Hertfordshire area. With over 40 years experience of treating and removing mice, so you can trust in Woolmer Pest Control to solve your mouse infestation.

Why you may want a professional like Woolmer Pest Control to deal with your mice?
  • Mice can spread diseases which can be passed on to humans and make us ill, including Salmonella and Listeria.

  • Mice regularly cause damage to property, chewing through cables, eating foodstuffs and personal items etc... 

  • If you run a business, Mice can damage your reputation or cause you loss of earnings/sales through damaging goods, business closure etc...

  • If you have a mouse infestation it is important not to allow your mouse problem to grow. If you have a issue we would strongly advise you deal with it early as mice are highly mobile and have the ability to spread and breed quickly.

How Woolmer Pest Control deal with Mice

When using a professional company like Woolmer Pest Control, you’re going to get your mouse infestation solved. We have access to a wide range of professional products which aren't available to the public. We also have the technical skill, knowledge and years of experience in mouse control, to solve your issue effectively and efficiently.


Woolmer Pest Control use a mixture of mouse control techniques such as the use of traps, poison, and proofing to solve your mouse infestation. Upon survey we will talk you through the treatment options we can offer and explain how we will solve your mouse problem. 

Mice Pest Control Services Hertfordshire

Having issues with Mice?

Call us on 07773453380 or 01707 594077, or email us at to see how we can help you with your mouse problem.

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